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Sridhar Tayur Announces Tayur Prize Winners and Publication

Sridhar Tayur

Sridhar's Tayur Prize recognizes students at IIT-Madras for their projects in Quantum Science and Technology. In 2022, the focus was on Circuit Models and Performance on IBM Hardware. The winners were:

First Prize: Debjyoti Biswas, Sourav Dutta and Shrikant Utagi

Title: A Modified Order Finding Algorithm


Second Prize: Kalpak Ghosh

Title: Machine Learning Assisted Quantum Chemistry Calculations on Quantum Computers


Their presentations can be found in this recording (Password: &wx9R!V#). 


Sridhar Tayur also recently published a mini-review titled "Quantum Annealing Research at CMU: Algorithms, Hardware, Applications" that summarizes research done at Quantum Technologies Group (QTG) at Carnegie Mellon University, in collaboration with several other institutions, including IIT-Madras and NASA (QuAIL).