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Edward Gerjuoy

University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., Theoretical Physics, University of California Berkeley, 1942
Research Summary

Edward “Ed” Gerjuoy received his B.S. from City College in New York and his Ph.D. in theoretical physics under Robert Oppenheimer from the University of California Berkeley in 1942. After graduating, he held several positions, before returning to the University of Pittsburgh as Professor of Theoretical Physics in 1964. He studied law for one year at the University of San Francisco and two years at the University of Pittsburgh, from which he received his law degree in 1977. He served on the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board and was a member and often chair of a number of committees of the American Physical Society.


In the past Professor Gerjuoy published predominantly, though not entirely, in atomic physics collision theory. More recently, however, he has been devoting his research time solely to various theoretical problems related to quantum computing. During much of his career as a physicist he has worked on various American Physical Society (APS) and other professional society committees. In particular, he has been a member (and in some years Chair) of the following APS Committees: Panel on Public Affairs (1976-79, 1981 and 1994-96); Audit Committee (2002-4); Constitution and Bylaws Committee (1999-2002). In addition he has been a member (2000-03) of the APS Council, the APS governing body, as well as an officer (including Chair) of the APS Forum on Physics and Society (1994-7); membership (2005-07) on the APS Sakharov Prize Committee was his most recent APS committee service. In past years he also has been a member of: the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Health Physics Division Advisory Committee (1967-70, Chair 1971-74); the National Conference of Lawyers and Scientists, a joint Committee of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Bar Association (1986-92); and the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board (1981-86). These last two appointments reflect the fact that Professor Gerjuoy earned a law degree in 1977; indeed he has published numerous papers on issues arising at the interface of law and science.

Most Cited Publications

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