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Elizabeth Dickey

Carnegie Mellon University
Materials Science & Engineering
Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1997

Elizabeth Dickey received her B.S. in Materials Engineering from the University of Kentucky and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University. Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon in 2021, she was a Distinguished Professor and Associate Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at North Carolina State University where she also directed the Center for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics. Earlier in her career, she was a faculty member in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University, where she also served as an Associate Director of the Materials Research Institute.


Professor Dickey’s research aims to develop processing-structure-property relationships for materials in which the macroscopic physical properties are governed by point defects, grain boundaries or internal interfaces. She is regarded as leader in the application of electron microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to understanding the role of material defects and disorder on the polarization behavior and the coupled electrical/chemical transport in dielectric materials. In addition, she studies defect-mediated properties in ceramic composites and nanomaterials, which are being developed for a variety of energy and structural applications. She has published over 150 peer-reviewed journal articles in these areas, which have been cited over twenty-thousand times.

Most Cited Publications

"Load transfer and deformation mechanisms in carbon nanotube-polystyrene composites," Qian, D., Dickey, E.C., Andrews, R., & Rantell, T. Applied physics letters 76.20 (2000): 2868-2870. 
"Titanium oxide nanotube arrays prepared by anodic oxidation," Gong, D., Grimes, C. A., Varghese, O. K., Hu, W., Singh, R. S., Chen, Z., & Dickey, E. C. Journal of Materials Research 16.12 (2001): 3331-3334.
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"Crystallization and high-temperature structural stability of titanium oxide nanotube arrays," Varghese, O. K., Gong, D., Paulose, M., Grimes, C. A., & Dickey, E. C. Journal of Materials Research 18.1 (2003): 156-165.
"Extreme changes in the electrical resistance of titania nanotubes with hydrogen exposure," Varghese, O. K., Gong, D., Paulose, M., Ong, K. G., Dickey, E. C. & Grimes, C. A. Advanced Materials 15.7‐8 (2003): 624-627.

Recent Publications

"A thermal perspective of flash sintering: The effect of AC current ramp rate on microstructure evolution," Grimley, C. A., Funni, S., Green, C., & Dickey, E. C. Journal of the European Ceramic Society 41.4 (2021): 2807-2817.
"Orientation-dependent, Field-induced Phase Transitions in Soft Lead Zirconate Titanate Piezoceramics," Zhao, J., Funni, S. D., Molina, E. R., Dickey, E. C., & Jones, J. L. Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2021).
"Atomic-resolution electron microscopy of nanoscale local structure in lead-based relaxor ferroelectrics," Kumar, A., Baker, J. N., Bowes, P. C., Cabral, M. J., Zhang, S., Dickey, E. C., ... & LeBeau, J. M. Nature Materials 20.1 (2021): 62-67.
"Local Structure Quantification in Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze Structures Utilizing Convolutional Neural Networks," Creange, N., Cabral, M., Funni, S., Yang, Z., Zhu, X., Chen, X., & Dickey, E. Microscopy and Microanalysis 26.S2 (2020): 2104-2107.
"Complementing X-ray & Neutron Diffuse Scatter Analysis with STEM to Understand Relaxor Behavior," Kumar, A., Baker, J., Cabral, M., Bowes, P., Zhang, S., Dickey, E., ... & LeBeau, J. Microscopy and Microanalysis 26.S2 (2020): 490-493.