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Jyoti Katoch

Carnegie Mellon University
PhD in Physics, University of Central Florida, 2013

Jyoti Katoch earned his PhD in Physics from the University of Central Florida in 2014. After completing his PhD, she worked as a postdoc fellow in The Ohio State University, 2016-2018. She also worked as a research scientist in The Ohio State University from 2016-2018. Her research focuses on investigating the electronic, optical and spin dependent properties of novel quantum materials like two-dimensional materials and their devices. Now, she is joined CMU as an Assistant professor in 2018.


I am interested in investigating the electronic, optical and spin dependent properties of novel quantum materials like two-dimensional materials and their devices. I have expertise in controlling the properties of 2D materials using atomic scale modifications (adatoms, hetero-structures, proximity effects, etc.) with an intent to tweak their properties on demand, as well as explore novel physical phenomenons emerging due to such modifications. To achieve this, my research focuses on growth of novel quantum materials using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) techniques and state-of-the-art characterization tools. We utilize a unique in-situ low temperature ultra-high vacuum magneto-transport measurement setup with capabilities to evaporate controlled amount of adatoms, and simultaneously perform quantum transport, Raman and photoluminsence spectroscopy on devices. In addition, we study the electronic band structure of mesoscopic sized quantum materials and devices using in-operando NanoARPES with a spatial resolution reaching upto 50 nm at MASTERO beamline in Advanced light source.


Title Position Email
David Gronlund Undergraduate Student
Ryan Muzzio Graduate Student
Most Cited Publications

"Hofstadter’s butterfly and the fractal quantum Hall effect in moire´ superlattices," C. R. Dean, L. Wang, P. Maher, C. Forsythe, F. Ghahari, Y. Gao, J. Katoch, M. Ishigami, P. Moon5 , M. Koshino, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, K. L. Shepard, J. Hone & P. Kim, NATURE 497, 598 (2013).
"Effects of Layer Stacking on the Combination Raman Modes in Graphene," Rahul Rao, Ramakrishna Podila, Ryuichi Tsuchikawa, Jyoti Katoch, Derek Tishler, Apparao M. Rao, and Masa Ishigami, ACS Nano 5, 1594 (2011).
"Structure of a Peptide Adsorbed on Graphene and Graphite," Jyoti Katoch, Sang Nyon Kim, Zhifeng Kuang, Barry L. Farmer, Rajesh R. Naik, Suren A. Tatulian, and Masa Ishigami, Nano Lett.,12, 2342 (2012).
"Uncovering the dominant scatterer in graphene sheets on SiO2," Jyoti Katoch, J.-H. Chen, Ryuichi Tsuchikawa, C. W. Smith, E. R. Mucciolo, and Masa Ishigami, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 82, 081417 (2010).
"Strong Modulation of Spin Currents in Bilayer Graphene by Static and Fluctuating Proximity Exchange Fields," Simranjeet Singh, Jyoti Katoch, Tiancong Zhu, Keng-Yuan Meng, Tianyu Liu, Jack T. Brangham, Fengyuan Yang, Michael E. Flatté, and Roland K. Kawakami, PRL 118, 187201 (2017).

Recent Publications

"Transport Spectroscopy of Sublattice-Resolved Resonant Scattering in Hydrogen-Doped Bilayer Graphene," Jyoti Katoch, Tiancong Zhu, Denis Kochan, Simranjeet Singh, Jaroslav Fabian, and Roland K. Kawakami, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 121, 136801 (2018).
"Electronic structure of exfoliated and epitaxial hexagonal boron nitride." Koch, Roland J., Jyoti Katoch, Simon Moser, Daniel Schwarz, Roland K. Kawakami, Aaron Bostwick, Eli Rotenberg, Chris Jozwiak, and Søren Ulstrup. Physical Review Materials 2, no. 7 (2018): 074006.
"Probing Tunneling Spin Injection into Graphene via Bias Dependence." Zhu, Tiancong, Simranjeet Singh, Jyoti Katoch, Hua Wen, Kirill Belashchenko, Igor Žutić, and Roland K. Kawakami. arXiv preprint arXiv:1806.06526 (2018).
"Giant spin-splitting and gap renormalization driven by trions in single-layer WS2/h-BN heterostructures," Jyoti Katoch , Søren Ulstrup , Roland J. Koch , Simon Moser , Kathleen M. McCreary , Simranjeet Singh, Jinsong Xu, Berend T. Jonker , Roland K. Kawakami , Aaron Bostwick, Eli Rotenberg  and Chris Jozwiak , Nature Physics 14, 355 (2018).
"Spin inversion in graphene spin valves by gate-tunable magnetic proximity effect at one-dimensional contacts." Xu, Jinsong, Simranjeet Singh, Jyoti Katoch, Guanzhong Wu, Tiancong Zhu, Igor Zutic, and Roland K. Kawakami. arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.07790 (2018).