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Kaushik Dayal

Carnegie Mellon University
Civil and Environmental Engineering
PhD, California Institute of Technology, 2007

Kaushik Dayal's research interests are in the area of theoretical and computational multiscale methods applied to problems in materials science, with particular focus on bridging from atomic to continuum scales in the context of functional behavior, non-equilibrium response, and electromagnetic effects.  He received his Bachelor of Technology degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (Chennai) in 2000. He earned his MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology in 2007.


Our research interest is focused on developing analytical and computational multiscale techniques, and applying these techniques to engineering and biomedicine. Some current application topics include (i) response of charged defects to electric fields in solid oxides and ferroelectrics for energy applications; (ii) mechanics of drug transport across biological membranes; (iii) electron transport in deformed biomolecules under stress; (iv) response of nanostructured materials under dynamic loading for impact and blast protection; (v) composite functional materials for high-temperature sensors and actuators for hypersonic aircraft; (vi) quantum mechanical calculation of electromechanical properties of nanomaterials (graphene, nanotubes, chalcogenides)


Title Position Email
Shoham Sen Graduate Student
Mahnoush Babaei Graduate Student
Arnab Debnath Postdoctoral Fellow
Arnab Debnath Graduate Student
Matthew Grasinger Graduate Student
Eilis Rosenbaum Graduate Student
Amir Skandani Postdoctoral Fellow
Most Cited Publications

"Challenges and Opportunities for Multi-functional Oxide Thin films for Voltage Tunable RF / Microwave Components," Guru Subramanyam, Melanie W. Cole, Nian X. Sun, Thottam S. Kalkur, Nick M. Sbrockey, Gary S. Tompa, Xiaomei Guo, Chonglin Chen, S. Pamir Alpay, George A. Rossetti Jr., Kaushik Dayal, Long-Qing Chen, Darrell Schlom, Journal of Applied Physics 114, 191301 (2013)
"Kinetics of phase transformations in the peridynamic formulation of continuum mechanics," Kaushik Dayal, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 54,1811 (2006)
"A real-space non-local phase-field model of ferroelectric domain patterns in complex geometries," Kaushik Dayal, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Acta materialia, 55, 1907 (2007)
"Graded ferroelectric capacitors with robust temperature characteristics," Mohamed Y El-Naggar, Kaushik Dayal, David G Goodwin, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Journal of applied physics 100, 114115 (2006)
"Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics for bulk materials and nanostructures," Kaushik Dayal, Richard D James, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 58, 145 (2010)

Recent Publications

"A 3D phase field dislocation dynamics model for body-centered cubic crystals," Peng, Xiaoyao, Nithin Mathew, Irene J. Beyerlein, Kaushik Dayal, and Abigail Hunter. Computational Materials Science 171 (2020): 109217.
"Effects of Polydispersity on Structuring and Rheology in Flowing Suspensions,"  E Rosenbaum, M Massoudi, and K Dayal.  Journal of Applied Mechanics 86.8 (2019)
"Designing soft pyroelectric and electrocaloric materials using electrets" F Darbaniyan, K Dayal, L Liu, P Sharma Soft matter 15 (2), 262-277
"Disclinations without gradients: A nonlocal model for topological defects in liquid crystals." de Macedo, R.B., Pourmatin, H., Breitzman, T., Dayal, K.     Extreme Mechanics Letters 23, pp. 29-40. (2018).
"Bond-level deformation gradients and energy averaging in peridynamics," Timothy Breitzmana, Kaushik Dayal, J. Mech. Phys. Solids 110,192, (2018).