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Susan Fullerton

University of Pittsburgh
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Penn State University, 2009

Susan Fullerton received both her B.S. and her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, at Penn State University. She then joined Notre Dame University as a Research Assistant Professor, where she still holds a courtesy appointment in the Electrical Engineering Department. She moved to the University of Pittsburgh in 2015 to carry on her work on polymer electrolytes. She has won more than a dozen awards throughout her career and holds a patent for single transistor random access memory using ion storage in two-dimensional crystals. Susan, her husband, and their daughter are happy to be back home in Pittsburgh with their families.


Susan Fullerton is an Associate Professor, Bicentennial Board of Visitors Faculty Fellow, and Vice Chair for Graduate Education in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. She earned her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Penn State in 2009, and joined the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame as a Research Assistant Professor. In 2015 she established the Nanoionics and Electronics Lab at Pitt, and was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2020. Her team focuses on electric double layer gating of two-dimensional materials for next-generation electronics. Fullerton’s work has been recognized by an NSF CAREER award, an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, a Marion Milligan Mason award for women in the chemical sciences from AAAS, and a Ralph E. Powe Jr. Faculty Award from ORAU. For her teaching, Fullerton was awarded the 2018 James Pommersheim Award for Excellence in Teaching in Chemical Engineering at Pitt.


Title Position Email
Shubham Awate Graduate Student
Zhongmou Chao Graduate Student
Jierui Liang Graduate Student
Priscilla Prem Graduate Student
Dnyanesh Sarawate Graduate Student
Nader Sawtarie Graduate Student
Huiran (Henry) Wang Graduate Student
Aaron Woeppel Undergraduate Student
Most Cited Publications

"Molecularly Thin Electrolyte for All Solid-State Nonvolatile Two-Dimensional Crystal Memory" Jierui Liang, Ke Xu, Maokun Wu, Benjamin M. Hunt, Wei-Hua Wang, Kyeongjae Cho, and Susan K. Fullerton-Shirey. Nano Letters 2019 19 (12), 8911-8919
"Monolayer Solid-State Electrolyte for Electric Double Layer Gating of Graphene Field-Effect Transistors" Ke Xu, Hao Lu, Erich W. Kinder, Alan Seabaugh, and Susan K. Fullerton-Shirey. ACS Nano 2017 11 (6), 5453-5464
"Impact of Post-Lithography Polymer Residue on the Electrical Characteristics of MoS2 and WSe2 Field Effect Transistors" Liang, J., Xu, K., Toncini, B., Bersch, B., Jariwala, B., Lin, Y.-C., Robinson, J., Fullerton-Shirey, S. K., Adv. Mater. Interfaces 2019, 6, 1801321. 
"Pulse Dynamics of Electric Double Layer Formation on All-Solid-State Graphene Field-Effect Transistors" Ke Xu, Md Mahbubul Islam, David Guzman, Alan C. Seabaugh, Alejandro Strachan, and Susan K. Fullerton-Shirey.  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2018 10 (49), 43166-43176
"Reconfigurable Ion Gating of 2H-MoTe2 Field-Effect Transistors Using Poly(ethylene oxide)-CsClO4 Solid Polymer Electrolyte" Huilong Xu, Sara Fathipour, Erich W. Kinder, Alan C. Seabaugh, and Susan K. Fullerton-Shirey. ACS Nano 2015 9 (5), 4900-4910

Recent Publications

"A ready-to-use, thermoresponsive, and extended-release delivery system for the paranasal sinuses." Andrea L Schilling, Erin Cannon, Susan K Fullerton-Shirey, Stella E Lee, Eric W Wang, Steven R Little. Drug Deliv. and Transl. Res. 12, 708–719 (2022). 
"Photoluminescence Switching Effect in a Two-Dimensional Atomic Crystal." Zheng Sun, Ke Xu, Chang Liu, Jonathan Beaumariage, Jierui Liang, Susan K Fullerton-Shirey, Zhe-Yu Shi, Jian Wu, David Snoke. ACS nano 15 (12), 19439-19445 (2021). 
"Combining Hyperbranched and Linear Structures in Solid Polymer Electrolytes to Enhance Mechanical Properties and Room-Temperature Ion Transport." B Jing, X Wang, Y Shi, Y Zhu, H Gao, SK Fullerton-Shirey. Frontiers in Chemistry, 436 (2021).
"Photoluminescence switching in a two-dimensional atomic crystal." Z Sun, K Xu, C Liu, J Beaumariage, J Liang, SK Shi, J Wu, D Snoke. arXiv preprint arXiv:2012.10871 (2020).
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