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PQI 2014 Event

PQI2014: Quantum Technologies

9-11 April 2014

Our second annual PQI event will be held from Wednesday April 9th to Friday April 11th, 2014. The first two days will be held in the University Club, and a final morning session will take place in the William Pitt Union.  See the PQI2014 map for details. 

The program will present a broad range of research being performed in these fields, and will feature prominent invited keynote lecturers, as well as highlighting current research in the PQI. All of the talks will be colloquium-style, and accessible to a broad range of people in quantum-related fields. 

Topics Included

  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Quantum Materials
  • Quantum Phases and Phase transitions
  • Quantum Transport
  • Quantum Gases
  • Quantum Devices

Invited Keynote Lecturers

  • Roi Baer (Weizmann)
  • Garnet Chan (Princeton)
  • Michel Devoret (Yale)
  • David DiVincenzo (Aachen)
  • Greg Engel (Chicago)
  • Leticia Gonzalez (Vienna)
  • Jack Harris (Yale)
  • Evelyn Hu (Harvard)
  • Randy Hulet (Rice)
  • Alfred Leitenstorfer (Konstanz)
  • Ana Maria Rey (JILA)
  • Seigo Tarucha (Tokyo)

Organizing/Program Committee

  • Ted Corcovilos
  • Andrew Daley
  • Sergey Frolov
  • Karl Johnson
  • Ken Jordan
  • Daniel Lambrecht
  • Jeremy Levy
  • Vincent Liu
  • Marek Skowronski
  • David Waldeck
  • Di Xiao