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PQI2021 Poster Award Winners

Congratulations to our PQI 2021 Best Poster and Best Undergrad Award Winners! The poster session took place on April 13, 2021 at our PQI 2021 Event. The session was a large success thanks to the many students from a number of universities who participated by presenting their research. We look forward to our next poster session.

Best Poster

Melanie Dieterlen
Melanie Dieterlen - Pitt Physics
Advisor: Jeremy Levy
Nisrit Pandey
Nisrit Pandey - CMU MSE
Advisors: Vincent Sokalski, Marc DeGraef
Erin Fierro
Erin Fierro - Pitt Physics
Advisor: Jeremy Levy
Dengyu Yang
Dengyu Yang - Pitt Physics
Advisor: Jeremy Levy
Ryan Kaufman
Ryan Kaufman - Pitt Physics
Advisor: Michael Hatridge 
Riti Sen
Riti Sen - Pitt Chemistry
Advisor: Jill Millstone

Best Undergrad Poster

Aaron Greenberg
Aaron Greenberg - Pitt Physics
Advisor: Jeremy Levy