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Quantum Research

Schrodinger Equation
Quantum Fundamentals

Quantum science is the study of matter and energy at most fundamental level. Researchers at PQI work in diverse fields towards understanding a wide range of quantum phenomena. PQI's agenda is to expand fundamental knowledge in various scientific disciplines including physics, chemistry, engineering as well as to contribute to the fields of biology, computation, cosmology, energy science and materials.

Quantum Sensing
Quantum Sensing

Quantum sensing describes the use of the quantum properties of a system to perform extremely precise measurements of a physical quantity. Researchers at PQI on a wide range of quantum sensing technologies such as NV centers and mechanical resonators. 

Quantum communication
Quantum Communications

Quantum communication is a method of secure communication that uses photonic qubits to transmit information. Researchers at PQI work in different fields to develop theories and technologies to support secure, reliable and long-range quantum communication

Quantum computing
Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a rapidly developing field that seeks to harness the properties of quantum mechanics to perform computations that would be impractical or impossible on classical computers. Researchers at PQI work in different fields of quantum computing, including developing quantum algorithms, building new-generation quantum computer systems, and exploring applications of quantum computing in various areas.