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Heng Ban

University of Pittsburgh
PhD, University of Kentucky; MS, the University of Science and Technology of China; BS, Tsinghua University

Heng Ban received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Kentucky; his MS in engineering thermal sciences from the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, China; and his BS in engineering mechanics from Tsinghua University in Beijing.


Heng Ban's research covers topics in thermal-fluid sciences, materials properties, sensors and measurement, and energy sciences. His recent focus has been to understand the relationship between material microstructural change and its thermal performance, particularly experimental and computational material thermophysical properties and measurement technique development. The research has applications in nuclear fuels and materials, manufacturing, micro-scale measurements, and development of hot-cell and/or in-pile sensors and instrumentations.


Title Position Email
Zhuorui Song Postdoctoral Fellow
Zeke Villarreal Graduate Student
Dihui Wang Master
Lin Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow
Most Cited Publications

 "Convection—diffusion controlled laminar micro flames," H. Ban,  S. Venkatesh, K. Sait, Journal of Heat Transfer, 116, 954 (1994)
"Impacts of pH and ammonia on the leaching of Cu(II) and Cd(II) from coal fly ash," J. Wang, H.  Ban, X. Teng, H. Wang, K. Ladwig, Chemosphere, 64, 1892 (2006)
"Characterizing the metal adsorption capability of a class F coal fly ash,"J. Wang, X.b,  Wang, H. Teng, H. Ban, Environmental Science and Technology, 38, 6710 (2004)
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"Adsorption of arsenic (V) onto fly ash: A speciation-based approach," Wang, Jianmin, Tian Wang, Joel G. Burken, Charles C. Chusuei, Heng Ban, Ken Ladwig, C. P. Huang. Chemosphere 72, no. 3 (2008): 381-388.


Recent Publications

"Comparison of steady and transient flow boiling critical heat flux for FeCrAl accident tolerant fuel cladding alloy, Zircaloy, and Inconel," Lee, S.K., Liu, M., Brown, N.R., Terrani, K.A., Blandford, E.D., Ban, H., Jensen, C.B., Lee, Y. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 132, pp. 643-654 (2019)
"Characterization of Kapitza Resistances of Natural Grain Boundaries in Cerium Oxide,"  Zilong Hua, Jesse Spackman, and Heng Ban.  Materialia 5 (2019)
"The study of using a multi-layered model to extract thermal property profiles of ion-irradiated materials,"  Zilong Hua, Austin Fleming, and Heng Ban.  International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 131 (2019)
"Demonstration of LOTUS Multiphysics BEPU Analysis Framework for LB-LOCA Simulations," Blakely, C., H. Zhang, R. Szilard, A. Epiney, R. Vaghetto, and H. Ban. Annals of Nuclear Energy 122: 8-22 (2018) 
"Electronic contribution in heat transfer at metal-semiconductor and metal silicide-semiconductor interfaces," Hamaoui, Georges, Nicolas Horny, Zilong Hua, Tianqi Zhu, Jean-François Robillard, Austin Fleming, Heng Ban, and Mihai Chirtoc. Scientific reports 8, no. 1: 11352 (2018)