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Hossein Jafari

University of Pittsburgh
Electrical and Computer Engineering

My research focuses on exploring the transformative potential of quantum computing in the field of power system engineering. I am particularly interested in how quantum algorithms can revolutionize the analysis and optimization of power grids, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. My work aims to bridge the gap between advanced quantum computational techniques and practical power system challenges, such as grid stability, load forecasting, and renewable energy integration. By leveraging the unprecedented computational capabilities of quantum technology, my goal is to contribute to the development of smarter, more resilient power infrastructures capable of meeting the demands of the modern world.

Recent Publications

F. Lorandi, M. Fantin, H. Jafari, A. Gorczynski, G. Szczepaniak, et al., "Reactivity Prediction of Cu-Catalyzed Halogen Atom Transfer Reactions Using Data-Driven Techniques," in Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 145, no. 39, pp. 21587-21599, 2023.

L. Fu, H. Jafari, M. Gießl, S. S. Yerneni, M. Sun, Z. Wang, T. Liu, K. Kapil, et al., "Grafting polymer brushes by ATRP from functionalized poly (ether ether ketone) microparticles," in Polymers for Advanced Technologies, vol. 32, no. 10, pp. 3948-3954, 2021. G. Szczepaniak, L. Fu, H. Jafari, K. Kapil, K. Matyjaszewski, "Making ATRP more practical: oxygen tolerance," in Accounts of Chemical Research, vol. 54, no. 7, pp. 1779-1790, 2021.

J. Jeong, G. Szczepaniak, S. S. Yerneni, F. Lorandi, H. Jafari, S. Lathwal, et al., "Biocompatible photoinduced CuAAC using sodium pyruvate," in Chemical Communications, vol. 57, no. 95, pp. 12844-12847, 2021.

H. Arzaghi, B. Adel, H. Jafari, S. Askarian-Amiri, A. Shiralizadeh Dezfuli, et al., "Nanomaterial integration into the scaffolding materials for nerve tissue engineering: a review," in Reviews in the Neurosciences, vol. 31, no. 8, pp. 843-872, 2020.

H. Jafari, P. Mohammadnezhad, Z. Khalaj, H. R. Naderi, E. Kohan, et al., "Terbium metal–organic frameworks as capable electrodes for supercapacitors," in New Journal of Chemistry, vol. 44, no. 27, pp. 11615-11621, 2020.

H. Jafari, M. R. Ganjali, A. Shiralizadeh Dezfuli, E. Kohan, "A platform for electrochemical sensing of biomolecules based on Europia/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite," in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, vol. 29, pp. 20639-20649, 2018.

H. Jafari, M. R. Ganjali, A. S. Dezfuli, F. Faridbod, "Long term determination of dopamine and uric acid in the presence of ascorbic acid using ytterbia/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite prepared through a sonochemical route," in Applied Surface Science, vol. 427, pp. 496-506, 2018.

A. S. Dezfuli, M. R. Ganjali, H. Jafari, F. Faridbod, "Samaria/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites; sonochemical synthesis and electrochemical evaluation," in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, vol. 28, pp. 6176-6185.