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Hyung Kim

Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D., Chemistry, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1988

Hyung Kim received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. After a post doctoral position at the University of Colorado, Boulder, he joined the Chemistry department of Carnegie Mellon University. He was a Distinguished Visiting Associate Professor of Physics at the Seoul National University, a Visiting Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Colorado, Boulder, and an Adjunct Professor of Physics at Korea University. He is currently a KIAS Scholar at the School of Computational Sciences at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study. He also held the position of Chair of Chemistry of Carnegie Mellon University from 2002 to 2016.


The main research goal of the Kim group is to gain theoretical understanding of condensed-phase chemical and electrochemical processes at the molecular level with proper account of solvation effects. They develop and apply analytic models and computational methods, viz., statistical mechanics theory, quantum chemistry tools and molecular dynamics simulations, to quantify solvation effects on free energetics and dynamics of chemical reactions and related spectroscopy in homogeneous and heterogeneous environments. Their primary focus is on solution systems that have important environmental, biological or energy implications. 
Our specific thrust areas include:
Solvation and chemical reactions in green solvents: The primary focus is on chemical reactions involving charge shift (e.g., SN1 and electron transfer reactions) and related dynamics (e.g., dielectric relaxation and vibrational energy relaxation) in environmentally benign green solvents, in particular, room-temperature ionic liquids and supercritical water.
Energy storage: Supercapacitors and pseudocapacitors: The main effort is directed towards quantitation of how electrode properties such as size and shape of carbon micropores and electrolyte properties, e.g., ion size, density and conductivity, control the energy and power densities of EDLCs.
Structure and dynamics of multi-domain proteins: The current thrust is to investigate specific bindings and interactions between domains of plasminogen using various simulation techniques.


Title Position Email
Hadi Abroshan Graduate Student
Nilesh Dhumal Graduate Student
Hyunjin Kim Graduate Student
Jiannan Liu Graduate Student
Jon Willcox Graduate Student
Eric Wu Graduate Student
Fangyong Yan Postdoctoral Fellow
Most Cited Publications

"Mass spectrum of chiral ten-dimensional N=2 supergravity on S5,"  HJ Kim, LJ Romans, and P van Nieuwenhuizen.  Physical Rev D 32.2 (1985)
"Nanoporous Carbon Supercapacitors in an Ionic Liquid: A Computer Simulation Study," Youngseon Shim and Hyung J. Kim, ACS Nano 4, 2345 (2010)
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"Solvation in molecular ionic liquids," Y SHim, J Duan, MY Choi, and HJ Kim.  Journal of Chemical Physics 119.13 (2003)

Recent Publications

"Vibrational spectroscopy of imidazolium-based ionic liquids: A combined MD/DFT study,"  J Liu, H Kim, NR Dhumal, and HJ Kim.  Journal of Molecular Liquids 292 (2019)
"Modeling neural circuit, blood-brain barrier, and myelination on a microfluidic 96 well plate," SR Lee, S Hyung, S Bang, Y Lee, J Ko, S Lee, HJ Kim, and NL Jeon, Biofabrication 11.3 (2019)
"Gold-Paladium Nanoalloys Supported by Graphene Oxide and Lamellar TiO2 for Direct Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide," S Guo, S Zhang, Q Fang, H Abroshan, HJ Kim, M Haruta, and G Li.  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10.47 (2018)
"Theoretical Study of Alkylculfonic Acids: Force-Field Development and Molecular Dynamics Simulations."  Jiannan Liu, Nilesh R Dhumal, and Hyung J Kim.  Journal of Phys. Chem. B 122.42 (2018)
"Deconvolution of Conformational Equilibria in Methimazolium-Based Ionic Liquid Ion Pair: Infrared Spectroscopic and Computational Study." Nilesh R. Dhumal, Arsalan Mirjafari, and Hyung J Kim.  Journal of Molecular Liquids 266 (2018)