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Jason Larkin

Carnegie Mellon University
PhD., Carnegie Mellon University
Research Summary

Our research is concerned with Quantum Advantage: what Applications/Problems can Quantum Computing be used for to advantage over any other form of computing (e.g. classical). As such we are interested in Applications, Algorithms, implementations and Software Engineering and Optimization, and also Hardware/Software Co-Design.  We utilize quantum computing simulation, real quantum hardware, and also classical algorithms and compute to serve as the benchmark comparisons. 

Most Cited Publications

"Thermal conductivity accumulation in amorphous silica and amorphous silicon." JM Larkin, AJH McGaughey. Physical Review B 89 (14), 144303. 2014.
"Predicting phonon properties from equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations." AJH McGaughey, JM Larkin. Annual review of heat transfer 17. 2014.
"Predicting alloy vibrational mode properties using lattice dynamics calculations, molecular dynamics simulations, and the virtual crystal approximation." JM Larkin, AJH McGaughey. Journal of Applied Physics 114 (2), 023507. 2013.
"Origins of thermal conductivity changes in strained crystals." KD Parrish, A Jain, JM Larkin, WA Saidi, AJH McGaughey. Physical Review B 90 (23), 235201. 2014.
"Disruption of superlattice phonons by interfacial mixing." SC Huberman, JM Larkin, AJH McGaughey, CH Amon. Physical Review B 88 (15), 155311. 2013.

Recent Publications

"Characterization of temperature-induced randomness in the dynamics of vibration." A Behbahanian, N Roberts, J Larkin. APS March Meeting Abstracts 2022, A12. 007. 2022.
"Research Review 2021 Quantum Advantage Evaluation Framework." J Larkin. CARNEGIE-MELLON UNIV PITTSBURGH PA. 2021.
"Optimized Quantum Circuit Generation with SPIRAL." S Mionis, F Franchetti, J Larkin. 2021 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC), 1-7. 2021.
"Quantum Computing: The Quantum Advantage (Podcast Series)." J Larkin. Carnegie Mellon University. 2021.