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Jeffrey Evanseck

Duquesne University
Ph.D., Computational and Theoretical Organic Chemistry, UCLA, 1990

Jeffrey Evanseck received B.S. degrees in computer science and chemistry from Purdue University and a Ph.D. in computational and theoretical organic chemistry from UCLA. He joined Duquesne University in 2000 as the Director of the Center for Computational Sciences to promote education, research, and small business growth in Southwest Pennsylvania. He has been deeply involved with the American Chemical Society as Chair of the South Florida Section and Secretary and Chair of the Computers in Chemistry Division. He was honored as the first Fr. Joseph Lauritis Chair in Teaching and Technology at Duquesne for his scientific distinctions in chemical theory, computation, and education.


Our research program is driven by significant problems in organic, biochemistry, and physical chemistry. Our research in chemical theory and computation is fully integrated in strong collaboration with successful experimental chemists. We have a full range on interests, starting with the development of fundamental ideas on the theory of chemical bonding, and how this information can be used to understand the fundamentals of Lewis acidity and basicity, organic reaction catalysis, organometallic structures, and the bonding and reactions at surfaces. In the field of biochemistry, we investigate the energetics and mechanisms of phosphoryl transfer reactions, and design new antimicrobial agents to light the increasing risk of drug resistant bacterial fungal infections.


Title Position Email
Amy Carlson Graduate Student
Kendy Pellegrene Graduate Student
Brandon Vernier Graduate Student
Most Cited Publications

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"Density functional theory study of aqueous-phase rate acceleration and endo/exo selectivity of the butadiene and acrolein Diels-Alder reaction," Kong, S., Evanseck, J.D., Journal of the American Chemical Society 122, no. 42 (2000)

Recent Publications

"Chemistry REU Leadership Group: Support for the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Community"  Watkins, L.M., Evanseck, J.D.  ACS Symposium Series 1295, pp. 73-83
"Evolution of an AwESOME Chapter"  Cooper, E., Shaik, S., Bautista, D., (...), Gawalt, E.S., Evanseck, J.D. ACS Symposium Series 1278, pp. 55-71
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"Intramolecular Charge-Assisted Hydrogen Bond Strength in Pseudochair Carboxyphosphate," Sarah E. Kochanek, Traci M. Clymer, Venkata S. Pakkala, Sebastien P. Hebert, Kyle Reeping, Steven M. Firestine, and Jeffrey D. Evanseck, J. Phys. Chem. B 119, 1184 (2015)
"Common Hydrogen Bond Interactions in Diverse Phosphoryl Transfer Active Sites," Jean C. Summerton, Gregory M. Martin, Jeffrey D. Evanseck, Michael S. Chapman, PLOS One 9, e108310 (2014)