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Ke Xu

University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Dr. Ke Xu is currently a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy and in Microsystems Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. Previously he was a Research Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh and Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI). He received his B.S. in Optical Engineering and Optoelectronics from Zhejiang University in China, and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago working with Prof. Michael Stroscio and Prof. Mitra Dutta.


His doctoral research focused on graphene- and DNA aptamer-based micro/nano scale electronic devices and their applications in photodetectors and biomolecular sensing. He worked as a post-doctoral researcher with Prof. Susan Fullerton-Shirey at University of Notre Dame on the development of low-voltage and steep subthreshold swing components for beyond-CMOS electronic systems. His current research interests include two-dimensional (2D) materials based nanoelectronic devices, with the focus on understanding ion-electron transport at the molecular level, for application in next-generation energy efficient electronic devices at the limit of scaling for memory, logic, energy storage, neuromorphic computing, and quantum information science. 

Most Cited Publications

"Realizing Large-Scale, Electronic-Grade Two-Dimensional Semiconductors." Yu-Chuan Lin, Bhakti Jariwala, Brian M Bersch, Ke Xu, Yifan Nie, Baoming Wang, Sarah M Eichfeld, Xiaotian Zhang, Tanushree H Choudhury, Yi Pan, Rafik Addou, Christopher M Smyth, Jun Li, Kehao Zhang, M Aman Haque, Stefan Fölsch, Randall M Feenstra, Robert M Wallace, Kyeongjae Cho, Susan K Fullerton-Shirey, Joan M Redwing, Joshua A Robinson. ACS Nano.
"Monolayer Solid-State Electrolyte for Electric Double Layer Gating of Graphene Field-Effect Transistors." Ke Xu, Hao Lu, Erich W Kinder, Alan Seabaugh, Susan K Fullerton-Shirey. ACS Nano.
"Graphene-and aptamer-based electrochemical biosensor." Ke Xu, Xenia Meshik, Barbara M Nichols, Eugene Zakar, Mitra Dutta, Michael A Stroscio. Nanotechnology.
"Tuning the Electronic and Photonic Properties of Monolayer MoS2 via In Situ Rhenium Substitutional Doping." Kehao Zhang, Brian M Bersch, Jaydeep Joshi, Rafik Addou, Christopher R Cormier, Chenxi Zhang, Ke Xu, Natalie C Briggs, Ke Wang, Shruti Subramanian, Kyeongjae Cho, Susan Fullerton‐Shirey, Robert M Wallace, Patrick M Vora, Joshua A Robinson. Advanced Functional Materials.
"Impact of Post‐Lithography Polymer Residue on the Electrical Characteristics of MoS2 and WSe2 Field Effect Transistors." Jierui Liang,# Ke Xu,#,* Blaec Toncini, Brian Bersch, Bhakti Jariwala, Yu‐Chuan Lin, Joshua Robinson, Susan K Fullerton‐Shirey.* Advanced Materials Interfaces.

Recent Publications

"Electric-double-layer-gated transistors based on two-dimensional crystals: recent approaches and advances." Ke Xu and Susan K. Fullerton-Shirey. Journal of Physics: Materials
"Tuning transport across MoS2/graphene interfaces via as-grown lateral heterostructures." Shruti Subramanian, Ke Xu, Yuanxi Wang, Simon Moser, Nicholas A. Simonson, Donna Deng, Vincent H. Crespi, Susan K. Fullerton-Shirey, and Joshua A. Robinson. Nature Partner Journal 2D Materials and Applications.
"Molecularly thin electrolyte for all-solid-state non-volatile two-dimensional crystal memory." Jierui Liang,# Ke Xu,#,* Maokun Wu, Benjamin Matthew Hunt, Wei-Hua Wang, Kyeongjae Cho, Susan K Fullerton-Shirey.* Nano Letters.
"Single-versus Dual-Ion Conductors for Electric Double Layer Gating: Finite Element Modeling and Hall-Effect Measurements." Aaron Woeppel,#,△ Ke Xu,#,* Azimkhan Kozhakhmetov, Shubham Awate, Joshua A. Robinson, and Susan K. Fullerton-Shirey.* ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
"Electric-field-induced optical hysteresis in single-layer WSe2." Zheng Sun, Jonathan Beaumariage, Ke Xu, Jierui Liang, Shaocong Hou, Stephen R Forrest, Susan K Fullerton-Shirey, David W Snoke. Applied Physics Letters.
#Contributed equally;*Corresponding author;△Undergraduate student