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Malcolm Jardine

University of Pittsburgh
PhD Candidate, University of Pittsburgh 2017 - present

I am a condensed theorist with experience in computational methods and materials science. I have experience conducting density functional theory calculations on solid state systems, with a focus on heterojunction interfaces and ARPES data comparisons. The materials simulated are to investigate systems properties relevant to topological quantum computing applications.

My calculations involve using PBE+U methods on large atomic systems, using a machine learned Bayesian machine algorithm to obtain the effective Hubbard U value.

Additionally, I have experience simulating topological Majorana zero mode systems with focus on 1D semiconductor-nanowire/ superconductor platforms. I have conducted micromagnetic field simulations, using MuMax3, and combined the magnetic calculations with a tri-junction Majorana setup.

Keywords: Majorana Zero Modes, Density Functional Theory, topological quantum computing, material science, computational physics

Recent Publications

First Principles Assessment of CdTe as a Tunnel Barrier at the α-Sn/InSb Interface, Jardine, Malcolm J. A. et al., ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2023, 15, 12, 16288

Integrating Micromagnets and Hybrid Nanowires for Topological Quantum Computing, Jardine, Malcolm J. A. et al., SciPost Physics, 11, 090 (2021)