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Nathaniel Rosi

University of Pittsburgh
University of Michigan, Ph.D. Chemistry, 2003

Prof. Rosi earned his B.A. in chemistry from Grinnell College (1999) and his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Michigan (2003).  After completing postdoctoral studies at Northwestern University, he began his independent career at the University of Pittsburgh in 2006, where he is now a Professor of Chemistry.  His research group focuses on the development of methods for controlling the hierarchical structure of MOFs and methods for directing the assembly of nanoparticles into ordered superstructures.


Our research involves the design and synthesis of novel hybrid inorganic-organic-biomolecule materials and studying, understanding, and precisely controlling their structures and properties. This research encompasses organic and inorganic synthesis, coordination chemistry, solid-state chemistry, biomolecule assembly, and nanoparticle synthesis and assembly.  We are particular motivated by applications related to the porosity of metal-organic framework materials (e.g. gas storage and separations) and the unique collective plasmonic properties of peptide-nanoparticle assemblies.


Title Position Email
Tianyi Luo Graduate Student
Sydney Brooks Graduate Student
Prasenjit Das Postdoctoral Fellow
Teesta Dasgupta Graduate Student
Mattheus De Souza Graduate Student
Jacob Engel Undergraduate Student
Yi Han Postdoctoral Fellow
Yiwen He Graduate Student
Camera Delain Hogan Undergraduate Student
Samuel Benjamin Koby Undergraduate Student
Yeon Kwon Postdoctoral Fellow
Grace Leone Undergraduate Student
Mona Mohamed Postdoctoral Fellow
Patrick Muldoon Graduate Student
Soumitra Punekar Graduate Student
Zachary Schulte Graduate Student
Yuyu Zhang
Yicheng Zhou Graduate Student
Most Cited Publications

"Systematic design of pore size and functionality in isoreticular MOFs and their application in methane storage." Mohamed Eddaoudi, Jaheon Kim, Nathaniel Rosi, David Vodak, Joseph Wachter, Michael O'Keeffe, Omar M Yaghi. Science.
"Nanostructures in biodiagnostics." Nathaniel L Rosi, Chad A Mirkin. Chemical reviews.
"Hydrogen storage in microporous metal-organic frameworks." Nathaniel L Rosi, Juergen Eckert, Mohamed Eddaoudi, David T Vodak, Jaheon Kim, Michael O'Keeffe, Omar M Yaghi. Science.
"Rod packings and metal− organic frameworks constructed from rod-shaped secondary building units." Nathaniel L Rosi, Jaheon Kim, Mohamed Eddaoudi, Banglin Chen, Michael O'Keeffe, Omar M Yaghi. Journal of the American Chemical Society.
"Oligonucleotide-modified gold nanoparticles for intracellular gene regulation." Nathaniel L Rosi, David A Giljohann, C Shad Thaxton, Abigail KR Lytton-Jean, Min Su Han, Chad A Mirkin. Science.

Recent Publications

"Design of Stratified Metal Organic Frameworks for Chemical Warfare Agent Concentration and Destruction." Jonathan Ruffley, Isabella Goodenough, Tianyi Luo, Dorian Thompson, Melissandre Richard, Nathaniel L Rosi, Eric Borguet, J Karl Johnson. 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting.
"Au130− xAgx Nanoclusters with Non‐Metallicity: A Drum of Silver‐Rich Sites Enclosed in a Marks‐Decahedral Cage of Gold‐Rich Sites." Tatsuya Higaki, Chong Liu, David J Morris, Guiying He, Tian‐Yi Luo, Matthew Y Sfeir, Peng Zhang, Nathaniel L Rosi, Rongchao Jin. Angewandte Chemie International Edition.
"Nanoparticle Doped PEDOT for Enhanced Electrode Coatings and Drug Delivery." Kevin M Woeppel, Xin Sally Zheng, Zachary M Schulte, Nathaniel L Rosi, Xinyan Tracy Cui. Advanced healthcare materials.
"Tuning the Structure and Chiroptical Properties of Gold Nanoparticle Single Helices via Peptide Sequence Variation." Soumitra Mokashi-Punekar, Tiffany R Walsh, Nathaniel L Rosi. Journal of the American Chemical Society.
"Fundamental Insights into the Reactivity and Utilization of Open Metal Sites in Cu(I)-MFU-4l." Lin Li, Yahui Yang, Mona H Mohamed, Sen Zhang, Götz Veser, Nathaniel L Rosi, J Karl Johnson. Organometallics.