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Theodore A Corcovilos

Duquesne University
Ph.D., Physics, California Institute of Technology, 2008

Theodore “Ted” Corcovilos received his B.A. in College Scholars (Physics and Math) from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and his Ph.D. in Physics from the California Institute of Technology. He joined Duquesne University as an Assistant Professor of Physics in 2013. Ted is a long-time member of several societies such as the American Physical Society, the Optical Society of America, and the Society of Physics Students—although now as a faculty member. He is also a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers and has worked and published with numerous undergraduate students throughout his career.


Quantum computing and studies of quantum information using ultracold atoms.
Applied infrared and UV/visible optical spectroscopy for chemical detection and analysis, particularly of environmental contaminants
Development of inexpensive laboratory equipment using 3D printed materials and microcontrollers


Title Position Email
Spencer Graves Undergraduate Student
Madelyn Hoying Undergraduate Student
Madelyn Hoying Undergraduate Student
Timothy Ireland Undergraduate Student
Jahnavee Mittal Undergraduate Student
Jahnavee Mittal Undergraduate Student
Most Cited Publications

"Extreme Tunability of Interactions in a Li 7 Bose-Einstein Condensate," SE Pollack, D Dries, M Junker, YP Chen, TA Corcovilos, RG Hulet, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 090402 (2009)
"Detecting antiferromagnetism of atoms in an optical lattice via optical Bragg scattering," TA Corcovilos, SK Baur, JM Hitchcock, EJ Mueller, RG Hulet, Phys. Rev. A 81, 013415 (2010)
"All-optical production of a lithium quantum gas using narrow-line laser cooling," P. M. Duarte, R. A. Hart, J. M. Hitchcock, T. A. Corcovilos, T.-L. Yang, A. Reed, and R. G. Hulet, Phys. Rev. A 84, 061406(R) (2011)
"Coherent Addressing of Individual Neutral Atoms in a 3D Optical Lattice," Yang Wang, Xianli Zhang, Theodore A. Corcovilos, Aishwarya Kumar, and David S. Weiss, Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 043003 (2015)
"3D Side Projection Sideband Cooling," X Li, T Corcovilos, Y Wang, D Weiss, Physical Review Letters, 108, 10 (2012)

Recent Publications

"Measurement of the asymmetric UO22+ stretching frequency for [UVIO2 (F) 3]-using IRMPD spectroscopy," Tatosian, Irena, Luke Metzler, Connor Graca, Amanda Bubas, Theodore Corcovilos, Jonathan Martens, Giel Berden, Jos Oomens, and Michael J. Van Stipdonk. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry (2019): 116231.
"Progress towards experimental realization of 5-fold two-dimensional quasicrystals of ultracold atoms,"  J Mittal and TA Corcovilos.  Bulletin of the American Physical Society (2019)
"Two-dimensional optical quasicrystal potentials for ultracold atom experiments,"  TA Corcovilos and J Mittal.  Applied Optics 58.9 (2019)
"Isotope labeling and infrared multiple-photon photodissociation investigation of product ions generated by dissociation of (ZnNO3(CH3OH)2)+: Conversion of methanol to formaldehyde," E Perez, TA Corcovilos, JK Gibson, J Martens, G Berden, J Oomens, and MJ Van Stipdonk.  European Journal of Mass Spectrometry 25.1 (2019)
"A Simple game simulating quantum measurements of qubits", Theodore A. Corcovilos.  arXiv:1804.08417v1 (2018)