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William Stanchina

University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California, 1978

Willian “Bill” Stanchina received his B.S.from the University of Notre Dame and his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, both in Electrical Engineering. He then worked at HRL Laboratories (formerly Hughes Research Laboratories) for more than 20 years during which he became the Director of the Microelectronics Laboratory. There, he was directly involved in research, development, as well as low volume production. He also holds a patent. He finally joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Pittsburgh in 2005 as Professor and served as Department Chair for ten years.


Bill Stanchina is initiating a research program that investigates both the nano-scale potential and high temperature potential of wide bandgap heterostructure semiconductor devices and ICs. In addition to developing a fabrication capability utilizing the infrastructure available at the university, he is also establishing a device characterization laboratory for micro and nano-scale electronic devices in order to characterize their semiconductor device structure properties and to extract their equivalent circuit models.

Most Cited Publications

"Maximum power point tracking using model reference adaptive control." Raghav Khanna, Qinhao Zhang, William E Stanchina, Gregory F Reed, Zhi-Hong Mao. IEEE Transactions on power Electronics.
"100+ GHz static divide-by-2 circuit in InP-DHBT technology." Mehran Mokhtari, Chales Fields, Rajesh D Rajavel, Marko Sokolich, Joseph F Jensen, William E Stanchina. IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits.
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"Effects of semiconducting and metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes on performance of bulk heterojunction organic solar cells." Liming Liu, William E Stanchina, Guangyong Li. Applied Physics Letters.

Recent Publications

"An Analytical Model for Predicting Turn-on Overshoot in Normally-off GaN HEMTs." Joseph P Kozak, Ansel Barchowsky, Michael R Hontz, Naga Babu Koganti, William Stanchina, Gregory Reed, Zhi-Hong Mao, Raghav Khanna. IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics.
"A 2kW, High Power-Density (100W/in3), GaN-Based, Modular Multilevel Converter for Variable Speed Drive Applications in DC Systems." Ansel Barchowsky, Joseph P Kozak, Gregory F Reed, William E Stanchina, Brandon M Grainger. Naval Engineers Journal.
"Sustainable IC design and fabrication." Donald Kline, Nikolas Parshook, Alex Johnson, James E Stine, William Stanchina, Erik Brunvand, Alex K Jones. 2017 Eighth International Green and Sustainable Computing Conference (IGSC).
"Nanofabrication of β-Ga2O3nanowires for device implementation." John R Erickson, Susheng Tan, William E Stanchina. 2017 IEEE 17th International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO).
"Analytical and experimental optimization of external gate resistance for safe rapid turn on of normally off GaN HFETs." Ansel Barchowsky, Joseph P Kozak, Michael R Hontz, William E Stanchina, Gregory F Reed, Zhi-Hong Mao, Raghav Khanna. 2017 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC).