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    Industry Connections

    Quantum Economic Development Consortium LogoThe Quantum Economic Development Consortium

    The mission of QED-C is to enable and grow a robust commercial quantum-based industry and associated supply chain. QED-C organizes quantum job opportunities through member companies. Members include corporations, academic institutions, national laboratories, and government agencies working in quantum.

    Naval Nuclear Lab LogoNaval Nuclear Laboratory

    Staff at the Naval Nuclear Lab are exploring the use of quantum technologies for its many mission areas, leveraging the research performed by faculty, staff, and students at the PQI’s supporting institutions.

    Computing Resources

    Pittsburgh Super Computing Center LogoPittsburgh Super Computing Center

    Pittsburgh hosts the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), an NSF-funded National Center that holds multiple workshops on various aspects of computing each year. Several PQI members benefit from interactions with PSC and articulate in their annual symposium on Advancing Research through Computation.

    Center for Research Computing LogoCenter for Research Computing

    The mission of the Center for Research Computing is to increase the research productivity of PQI faculty through the use of advanced computing. CRC fulfills this mission by:

    • providing our community access to cutting-edge computer hardware and software for enabling transformative research,
    • providing our community training workshops to educate users on how to utilize computing resources effectively,
    • providing extended personalized consultation for improving researchers’ computational workflow and code performance through the selection of better algorithms, parallelization techniques, improved use of input-output strategies, etc.